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Onisi 尾西食品

doomsday custard

doomsday custard

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Mix and stir the water custard sauce in the "Doomsday Custard" package, and you can make delicious custard sauce in an instant. In the despair and fatigue of the doomsday, the sweetness of the doomsday custard paired with a touch of Yunlina will surely soothe your soul!

Contents of doomsday custard 20g :

Custard sauce 20g,
Cooking water 40ml
*The amount of water can be adjusted according to personal preference

Raw materials: Sugar, processed milk products
,milk powder ,glucose ,salt , vanilla seeds , thickener , trehalose ,spices , Emulsifier , carotene *This product contains milk, eggs, soybean ingredients

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, avoid high temperature and high humidity, and store at room temperature

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